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What to Expect When Renting a Property

Qualifying for a rental home can be as challenging as a home purchase. However, there are ways around finding the right property for you!

First, engaging a real estate professional like myself is key. You've heard the old adage: "It is not always what you know but who you know." It is about the relationship between the two agents and the relationship between the Landlord and their agent.

In the event you have marginal credit or what could be considered a derogitory background check: Here are just a few things that may allow you to rent with those issues:

  • Find an individual landlord vs a Management Company
  • Pay a larger deposit or rent in advance 
  • Use letters of recommendations 
  • Find someone to co-sign for you 
  • Find a roommate 
  • Pay extra per month


Recommendations are weighty. Especially when they come from credible sources, such as a current or previous landlord, employer, even a roommate. These letters of recommendation shouldn’t only be glowing tributes to your character. They should also give insight into the nature of your financial relationship with the writer of the letter. This would soften the impact of negative entries on your credit report. 

You may source for endorsements from landlords who you only had short-term leases with or even get a reference letter from your bank. The bottom line is that letters of recommendation should put your landlord at ease about responsibility and financial capability.

As your representative, these are a few of the things that I can negotiate on your behalf. I will work tirelessly representing you and only you! As compared to the Listing Agent who works for the Landlord and is obligated contractually to work only in their best interest.

Remember Real Estate Experience is not Expensive - It is Priceless... It will save you time and money!  I look forward to serving your real estate rental needs! Call or Text for a direct prompt response: 281-703-0016